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As a gift to the family, I am working on creating a family website, which would eventually hold the digital records (the book of life) for all our family members, from the paternal families (Pepper, Forder and Chadwick) and the maternal families (Bunnag, Ryan and Kelly). The website will be designed to cover the three main generations: ones of our past ancestors, of our older generations (parents and grandparents) and ones for our younger generation, our children\grandchildren. This website will be the place that we will know where we have come from, who are our ancestry, what are their achievements, fame and fortune or misfortune, and how they had coped with the changes of their time. There will be a family tree, so we will see how we are all related. The website will also be the place where the children will get to know their parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, great uncles and aunts, first cousins and second cousins - the extended family network. The parents and grandparents can tell here their life stories, their school years,  their jobs, their experiences of success or failures, strength and weakness, their words of wisdom and their hope and dreams. The children will have the opportunity to ask questions before it is too late, and they can learn from the wisdom of the elders and therefore they will be inspired to live a great life. There can be the forum where we all can discuss the values that can be used as code of conducts for our family.  We could include tips on philosophy of life to help the children to learn about life soonest and give us all a resilient mindset  to  cope with life. Re family motto?? contribution to the world ??

In addition to the above, the focus of this website is to cover the life of our children from birth onwards in a digital format, how they have grown up, their childhood, their individual characteristics, anecdotes, their progress at schools,, their daily activities and special interests, their achievements in music and sports, their best friends, likes and dislikes, any difficulties and how they have overcome them. There will also be a bulletin board for news of the family, what everyone is up to, the planned holiday and the coming events. There can be a time line so that the life events can be seen chronologically.  Also, there can be a forum for us to chat about current affairs. This, I hope, would be a valuable gift that everyone can look back with fond memories.

This may look like an ambitious project but it is achievable; it would off course be more complete if everyone will help. I am committed to work on it full time but I am grateful if any family member will spare some of their time to contribute, supply the information, write up, pick the best images and videos. The format will be in a form of blogs' stories, images and videos, which we can gather and put in one place or put in the links from various sources, for example Youtube etc.  We can work out together on the categories to be included, for example, family holidays, high lights of the year, uplifting moments,celebrations, anniversaries, birthday, weddings etc. The write up of relevant blogs are endless,subjects like, place of birth, home town -Bangkok, Singapore, London and Llandrindod Well. Thetechnical aspects of this website, its security, the structure of the website and its design have been taken care of by Kieran of Cefnllyx Company in Llandrindod Wells.

As a start I will work on my life story, the Pepper family (stories of young Charlotte and Susannah )and that of my Thai family, the Bunnag family. (Then I will do one for each of the children - Saffi, Issy, Lolly and Jemima.).  I will use a pick 'n' mix method to preserve the times of my life: photosalbum, a video recording, a pot-pouring of writing about me and my life, and a collection of inspirational writings. I will try to present myself as real as possible and hopefully you will remember me by when I am gone!

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Feel free to email me. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.